builds light field technology.





“The way we talk about old movies
being ‘silent’ or ‘black-and-white’—
in the future, we'll call today's images ‘flat.’”


Why light fields?

We believe that light fields are the future of imaging, with a wide range of applications, beginning with virtual reality / augmented reality, and going far beyond.

Photography is still largely based on paradigms that go back thousands of years. We are reimagining the imaging stack from the ground up.


Watch Ryan's talk about light fields at Augmented World Expo 2016:

or hear him on the Home Theater Geeks (5/19/16) and Research VR (4/6/17) podcasts.


Additional press:



We are a team of performant engineers, hard science PhDs, media industry veterans and videographers.

...and you?

We are looking for
talented engineers,
scientists and others
to join our team.

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Portraiture by Kari Orvik.

VISBY is based in San Francisco, California.



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